Thursday, October 18, 2007

New home

As many people now know we have a new home in Shawnee. I love it. The house is little and shaped just right and the yard and fantastic. My friend Mark was over last night and he thought we might be able to keep some cattle back there. I want to spend more time in the yard, but right now I don't have many excuses to be outside. Sometimes I make phone calls to friends so I have something to do while I roam the yard. Most of the time on the weekends I do have an excuse to be outside. This past Saturday I worked on trimming up all the plants surrounding the side entrance to our house. This area was full of bind weed and other ugly prickly organisms. I spent hours killing almost everything in sight. I became slightly obsessed and Cali had to pull me away. I was running out of steam until some tough root broke my trowel which gave me the fuel to deal out some more punishment. I will post pictures of the place as soon as we can find the camera. It is still buried somewhere in a box.