Friday, May 01, 2009

What's up?!

What's up?! I am fully aware that I never post in this blog and I don't even have any good excuses like my computer was down for three months and so I couldn't get computer access. Anyway, I have had a gazillion concerts recently and so today we kind of chilled and watched part of a video today. I normally don't do that for strings, but apparently I need to give them a break every now again or in 6th grade they really complain and say things like, "We never get to do anything fun like play a game or watch a movie in here." Of course I normally answer by saying, "Every day is fun in strings!" It's kind of like when your parents tell you that even though there is a Mother's day and a Father's day there is no Kid's day because every day is Kid's day.

We watched part of a barrage video and I now have my whole spiel down. (Barrage is a strings band and they play rock, fiddle, and other types of music. They are pretty cool, they are made up of violin and viola players, bass, guitar, and a drummer). First, I have to let them know that these people dress kind of like rock musicians so they should be aware that one of them has a midriff shirt on and they look a little grungy just like your favorite bands. Also, I have to warn them that there will be dancing and singing and that they really get into the music when they play, they are not spasming. That pretty much takes care of it. If I give my preemptive speech they really enjoy the music and are super impressed with how well they play. Occasionally I have to stop the tape and say, "No, they are not in love with each other they are just being entertaining for the audience." Sometimes I think maybe my kids should get out more. I guess it is my job to expose them to things and make their world a little bigger.