Sunday, August 26, 2007

Master's Degree

So I got my Master's degree yesterday! I had to go in for an oral examination to complete the degree and they passed me. When I went in one of my professors had an article he wanted me to read and compare it to another article I had already read. Then the two professors on the committee just asked me questions about things I had learned in the program and what I planned to implement into my teaching. A week before I had sent in three papers I had written and five articles I had read and they used this as a basis to ask their questions. I am so glad to be done. It was kind of an exhausting day because I decided to do the trip to Urbana there and back in one day. Fortunately Paul saved the day and decided to make the trip with me and share the driving.

When I got back I had a great surprise. Madeline had made an orange and blue cake and Madeline and Stella had made an Illini sign. Amy apparently had everyone dress up in Illini shirts and we had chinese food (orange chicken) for dinner. I have to say those ladies know how to throw a party.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


So Cali is adamantly in support of Richardson. We watched the debates this morning and she likes him more and more. I have to say I was excited when the question about education was finally asked. Richardson said he supported a minimum wage teacher salary (40,000) and mentioned several other important information such as his support of the arts. That was great to hear!


So I looked into my family history and found out some interesting information. My dad's family on my mom's side has a book that lists the history of the family back to 1800 when John Douglas first turned up in Athen's Ohio. He was about 15 at the time and was a Scot, but may or may not have been born in the US. Most likely he and his brother were born in Scotland and came over when they were young. I also found out that my Mom's family on her mother's side is originally from Scotland. Cali seemed a little nervous about this information seeing as she has Welsh blood in her. We thought maybe we should go over and do a trip through Wales and Scotland. Especially now that we both have jobs.

Change in Title

So we haved moved to an entirely different state so I had to change the title. This year I am starting back into teaching which is fantastic. I was getting to where all my knowledge was theoretical and I am glad to see if some of it actually works. I haven't started with kids yet, but have instead been getting ready by trying to get my instruments and materials all in order. There has been a lot to do because I teach at three schools and each school operates a little differently. Starting this week I also have to start kids into "the counseling process". This is where kids pick an instrument and decide if they want to be a part of band or strings. So now apparently I am a fifth graders.